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We are a bunch of sports enthusiast’s who have always loved playing or watching sports but lacked facilities to clash with other teams or to play tournaments.
So we offer a hassle free process for any random team to participate and enrol in a tournament.
Unlike others we do not restrict our events only to corporate, we are open to all.

At Adrenaline Sport we believe every sport freak would love to play their sport in the most organised and desired way.
Simplicity and passion makes us happy.

Our goal is to remove the all the barriers which could prevent a potential TEAM from playing the game.
And we are damn excited to help you on your journey.





The Sport for Life Society has always provided educational opportunities to increase awareness and support practitioners. The non-profit society does this through generating revenue that is reinvested allowing the scaling of knowledge to more people, in more place.

The word organisation is frequently used both in the literature and everyday language. Our lives are dominated by organisations such as families, schools, workplaces or sports organisations, etc.

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